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Andrew Percy MP

Electoral Reform

In questions to the Deputy Prime Minister, Bob asked Nick Clegg to confirm the progress on individual voter registration so that we can not only get an accurate register, but combat electoral fraud.

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Munich Massacre, Westminster Hall Debate

To commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Massacre at the Munich Olympic Games, Bob Blackman MP led a Westminster Hall Debate on the issue.  He spoke passionately during his speech which may be read below.

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Cabinet Office: Voluntary Sector Funding

Bob congratulated the Cabinet Minister, Nick Hurd, on bringing forward new proposals to support the voluntary sector and asked for his support in condemning Labour-run councils that are cutting the voluntary sector, decimating services and then blaming the Government.To read this debate in full, Click Here

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Debate on General Matters

Bob used a debate on general matters to talk about three issues: the general position of policing and criminal activity in London; the excellent work being done by Harrow Police; and the scandalous proposal to close the custody suite in Harrow.

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Defence and the Olympic Games

Bob warmly welcomed the involvement of the armed forces in ensuring that the Olympic Games are safe and secure and asked the Defence Secretary to explain the role that they will play during the Olympics and, in particular, the various consultations and engagements that have taken place with the community over the use of ground-based air defence systems.To read this debate in full, Click Here

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In Questions to the Prime Minister, Bob welcomed the imminent arrival of the Olympic and Paralympic games to London. Those that come to watch the games will be wholly dependent on public transport to reach the venues.  

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Cancer Drugs Funds

Under the coalition Government, 10,000 more people suffering from cancer have received treatment as a result of the Cancer Drugs Fund that the Coalition Government has introduced. This would not have been possible had we followed the ’s proposals to cut the National Health Service. Bob called for a debate on the benefits that the coalition Government have brought to the health service and the further improvements we can bring to cancer research.To read this debate in full, Read More →

EU Immigration

One of the many mistakes made by the last Labour Government was the blatant failure to control immigration from new entrant states to the EU. Bob asked the Foreign Secretary to confirm that the effect of immigration from new entrant states and UK immigration controls will be part of this review, as will the benefits and disbenefits of the policy pursued by the last Labour Government.To read this debate in full, ...

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