Your Member of Parliament for Harrow East

Andrew Percy MP

Harrow Council

Bob stated that Harrow council tops the league for the number of staff suspended and the length of time for which they have been suspended. He highlighted that one member of staff has been suspended for two and a half years on full pay. Bob continued by stating that Harrow Council has also refused £3.6 million in Government grant to freeze the council tax, preferring to raise it to the third highest in London. In light of these issues, Bob asked for a debate on inefficiency and ineffectiveness ...

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Curriculum and Exam Reform

Bob spoke of his view that it is clearly crucial foryoung people to gain key skills at the earliest possible stage, particularly in mathematics. With this in mind, he asked the Education Secretary to confirm that, under the new curriculum, children will learn their 12 times table at the age of nine, rather than learning the 10 times table by the age of 11?    Read More →

Definition of Marriage

Bob spoke in the House of Commons against the motion to introducue same-sex marriages. Bob noted his concern for the rights of religious organisations and their followers. He spoke of the unknown legal ramifications of introducing the legislation and the effects it could have on free-speech.    Click here  to read the debate in full. 

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Free Schools

Bob called for a debate to discuss the success of the Free Schools programme. He noted that the Hindu free school in Harrow is heavily oversubscribed and the I-Foundation is now applying for a network of Hindu free schools across the country so that parents, if they wish, can choose a Hindu ethos for their children's education.   Click here &...

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Israel and Palestine

Bob asked the Foreign Secretary what he would do about the settlement activity to ensure that there is a just and peaceful solution to this long-standing problem?   To read the debate in full Click Here 

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During questions to the Education Secretary, Bob commended the work of the Holocaust Education Trust and asked whether the Government felt that the continuing of this education was important.    To read the debate in full Click Here 

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ATOS Work Capability Assessments

Bob Blackman raised his concerns about some of the inner workings of the ATOS Work Capability Assessments. These Assessments are made of Disability Benefits claimants. 

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Bob took the opportunity to ask what assistance is being provided by the Government to encourage library use and discourage local authorities form closing them. Bob highlighted some of the points of concern with regards to this matter in neighbouring, Labour-run Brent.    To read the debate in full Click Here 

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