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Andrew Percy MP

Eid and Diwali (Public Holidays) Debate

"This e-petition was not my idea and I cannot claim ownership of it. However, I will explain why I have agreed to be the Member who sponsors it and makes sure that it is debated in the Houses of Parliament. I am the MP for Harrow East, an area of enormous diversity of culture and religion—in fact, I would claim that it is the most diverse constituency anywhere in the country, containing people of all religions and from every country on the planet." Read More →

School Places in Harrow Debate

"It is a pleasure to serve under your chairmanship, Ms Dorries, as we debate a very pressing need for new school places in the London borough of Harrow. The Minister and I have had previously a debate in this Chamber about providing new school places on a specific site, but I want this afternoon to debate the principal issue of the need across the borough for new places. They are urgently needed, as I will outline." Read More →

Easter Adjournment Debate

"The key point behind these debates is the opportunity to raise a range of issues that might apply not only to Members’ constituencies, but to things of international and national importance. I shall raise some issues related to my constituency that are creating great turmoil. As we approach the most holy week of the Christian calendar, it is appropriate that we consider some of the things that are happening in my local area." Read More →

Cancer Priorities

"I speak as someone who has a personal, family experience of cancer and I speak on behalf of my constituents. As I have said in the House before, both my parents died of cancer, as did three of my immediate family—uncles and aunts. They died many years ago, when the treatments now available were not available. Had they been, there is no doubt that they would have survived far longer. The good news is that progress has been made over many years in cancer treatment." Read More →

Private Rented Sector

Bob used the opportunity of the Pre-Christmas Adjournment Debate in the House of Commons to speak about issues related to the private rented sector, including rogue landlords and the ever increasing number of 'beds in sheds', which are becoming a big problem for residents Harrow. Click Here to read the debate in full.

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London Local Authorities and Transport for London (No. 2) Bill

Bob has been piloting a Bill through the House of Commons, which will give councils and Transport for London more powers in relation to cost covering, enforce traffic regulations against rickshaws, take more action on skips and emphasise cyclist safety. Click Here to read the debate in full

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Opposition Debate on Housing Benefit

Bob spoke out in an Opposition Debate on the subject of changes to housing benefit which will see empty rooms in council property subject to a levy. Bob argued in favour of the principle, noting the high level of people waiting for council property with more than one bedroom, and emphasised that there also needed to be improvement in the private sector. C...

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Tobacco Products (Plain Packaging)

Bob once again led a debate, this time a Backbench Business Debate on the floor of the House, on the subject of the standardisation of packaging for tobacco products. He argued that the Government must continue to keep prevaricating on the agenda in order to prevent more young people getting into smoking. Click Here to read the debate in full.

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