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Parliament Tour 11.07.19

Thursday night was tour night for Harrow East constituents at the House of Commons. Here with a bumper party as Bob and his constituents toured the Palace of Westminster.

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Organ Donation

Bob was pleased to host a key meeting promoting organ donation by Hindu and Jain communities in the House of Commons this evening. We need people to opt into organ donation now and to support the process to all organs to be used for those awaiting transplants. Next year it will become an opt-out system.

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Inter-Parliamentary World Cup

Bob had a great time playing for the House of Commons and Lords representing England vs Pakistan in the Inter-Parliamentary Cricket World Cup. It was a friendly match ahead of the competition starting on the 10th, and the visitors won hands down. Better luck next time, Bob!                

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Conservative Party Women's Organisation Event

Bob was pleased to be on a fantastic panel to discuss Hinduism at the House of Commons - an event that was kindly organised by the Conservative Party Women's Organisation. Mr Jay Lakhani's views on spiritual Hinduism and the importance of pluralism in social democracies was an enlightening stance on how we can attain social cohesion.            

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Harrow PE Conference

Bob had a great time at the Harrow PE Conference yesterday, discussing the importance of sport and physical activity in schools. The commitment of teachers to help foster our pupils' talent is inspiring.

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Bhagvat Katha

Bob was really pleased to attend Sanatan Mandir Wembley for the Bhagvat Katha organised by Guruji with Councillors Anjana Patel and Ramji Chauhan. He always finds it a pleasure to visit a temple that he helped found when he was leader of Brent Council.

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Stanmore Marsh Travellers

In response to a number of messages from constituents: The Travellers who were at Stanmore Marsh had left the area on the night of Thursday 4th July and moved to Canons Park. Harrow Council have since obtained the legal right to evict them. Bob would like to congratulate Harrow MPs and Harrow Council for taking prompt action to make sure the travellers were gone on Friday 5th July.  

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Leadership Election Debate

Bob was proud to participate in the debate Has to be Hunt vs Back Boris in Harrow, and delighted to meet the brilliant mayoral candidate, Shaun Bailey, and the GLA candidate Molly Samuel-Leport. 

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