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Andrew Percy MP

Busy Diary

On 5th June, Bob was guest of honour at the Harrow Bengalee Association function. Bob witnessed the dancing and music at first hand.

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Bentley Wood School

On 24th June, Bob attended the International Food Day at Bentley Wood School; here Bob is pictured with staff and students.

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Harrow Civic Service

On 20th June, Bob was the first MP for many years to attend Harrow’s Civic Service at St. Mary’s Church, Harrow-on-the Hill.  

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Kingsley School Fete

On 19th June, Bob visited the Kingsley School Fete and was warmly welcomed by students, staff and parents.

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Edgware and District Synagogue

On 5th June, Bob attended the Civic Service at the Edgware and District Reform Synagogue.

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Cedars Youth Centre

In June, Bob visited the Cedars Youth Centre. The centre desperately needs a complete rebuild to ensure that there are decent youth facilities in Harrow Weald. The funding for the joint initiative between Harrow Council and Watford FC has received initial approval by the National Lottery.

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Yogi Divine Society

Bob was instrumental in ensuring that the various dignitaries received their visas to attend the Yogi Divine Society, UK meetings at the Kadwa Patidar Centre in Kenton.

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First Impressions

The first month at Westminster passed in a rush as the induction sessions were run and the various tasks carried out to set up shop were undertaken. Bob Blackman commented “The only way to compare arriving at Westminster is like the first day at University or setting up a small business from scratch. There is no office, no staff to help and a mountain of correspondence awaiting you!”

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